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Hardcore server

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Server Status: Offline

TaroMU Season 13 is a low rate (Experience 30x) server with a very high competition, trade market, parties, team play, 30+ bosses, Player and Guild scoring system, reborn option without keeping stats, maximum reborns are 80 and maximum master reborn are 20. All settings, success rate, drop rate are like GMO. We do not provide, powerup shop or somehing like this, all items can be found only in game and item options cannot be overpowered or customed.
The concept of this server is Play and Win!

Addiction server

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Server Status: Offline

TogaMU Season 13 is a combination between TaroMU and TebaMU, with a medium rates (Experience 250x) but without grand reborn or other function from Speed Server. Reborn system are like TaroMU but the maximum limit is 160. Maximum Master Reborn is 40. All settings is like GMO, without custom items, custom settings, custom events, only clear game play. Same as TaroMU and TebaMU here you will find an
Incredible Atmosphere.

Speed Server

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Server Status: Online

TebaMU Season 13 is a speed server (Experience 1000x) where you can find a lot of events,fascinating guilds battles, new items (unique),special options on items, custom PvP, unlimited reborns,Grand Reborn system, full max stats, PowerUP Shop, daily PvP battles and a lot of FUN and rivalry!

About US

All servers is updated on time! As soon as we receive a verified bug or error, we get started and we release the (automatic) updates to our players.
We offer SUPPORT! Anytime, we offer you solutions in a very short time.
We listen our players! We continually request feedback from the players to self-assess.
We are constantly improving ourselves! We are constantly learning to keep up to date with the latest information technology and 3rd party technology.
We reward loyal players! We offer discounts,bonuses and gifts for loyalty
We give recommendation bonuses! Those who recommend us receive substantial bonuses!

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